Dinner: A Love Story reappraised

I’m re-reading Dinner: A Love Story at the moment. I found the blog a couple of years ago and bought the book the minute it came out (2012, apparently). I liked the book but somehow it didn’t really meet my needs or the needs of my family dinner quandrums at that time. Jacob was still quite little and not nearly as ‘good’ an eater as Karoline was at the same age and the challenges we had around the dinner time was not really answered by the book.

So I read it but never really cooked anything from it except the home made pizza dough (and the information that it could be frozen raw and then thawed, rolled out and baked paid for the book right there and then).

Until two days ago when I happened to take it down from the bookshelf and loaf through it looking for dinner inspiration. I hit upon the recipe for black bean and avocado salad and made it that night. It was fantastic! I’ve really gotten into Mexican food over the last 2 years and now this kind of thing slots right into my repertoire. Our dinner challenges are different and I can see loads and loads of recipes that I would like to cook.

Sometimes you have to come back to a cookbook to really appreciate it.

Have a look at a copy yourself if this has, ha ha, whetted your appetite.


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