Sewing Sunday

I am very lucky that 3 of my friends share my passion for sewing and crafting and we get together once a month for an evening of crafting. Tea and cake mandatory, craft project optional, though some of us are always crafting, all of us chatting about events big and small.  It’s a monthly event I treasure. However, we always do it in the evening and somehow doing a sewing project takes more concentration than a knitting/crocheting/embroidery project so we decided to set up Sewing Sunday to try to get time and space in the diary to do some more sewing projects. Today was the first one. Emma obligingly sent away her husband and child and baked a cake and the rest of us turned up with sewing machines and patterns in tow.

It always amazes me how much prep there is to sewing and that the actual sewing is sometimes the smallest part of a project. So today I managed to put together a pattern for a top for Karoline and cut out the fabric for a reversible sun hat. Both projects, incidentally, from Oliver + S. The hat will be made from two small pieces of Danish vintage fabric that I bought quite a while ago and they’ve been waiting to be used in the right project. That was all I managed to do in 2 1/2 hours! Anyway, now I’m well underway on both projects and know I’ll be able to push through.


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