Visiting artists

Yesterday a friend and I visited some of the artists who were part of ‘Artists’ Open House‘ in my local area. This is a yearly event that takes place over two weekends in May and I’ve been going for the last 6 or 7 years. There are about 170 artists taking place so you’d be stretched to visit them all in the 4 day the event takes place not to speak of a single day so I tend to concentrate on a specific area and explore the artists in and around that area. The definition of ‘artists’ who participate is broad anyway, there are ceramicists, craft and design, painters, glass, illustration, interiors, photography, jewelry, sculpture and textiles.

I go as much to see the interiors of peoples houses and gardens as to see their art – and this year we saw some particularly amazing gardens –  but always end up buying some unique and fabulous items. This year, my friend and I concentrated on a small area of East Dulwich and Dulwich village and particularly liked the paintings of Greg Becker, though I didn’t buy any, and the ceramic hand built pots and ‘pebbles’ of Jane Henderson. I managed to buy two of her things (she’d practically sold out by the time I arrived Saturday afternoon) – an egg shaped pot with a white engobe band and an egg-shaped stoneware pebble sculpture with iron oxide and porcelain inlay. I had to leave them to the end of the exhibition, so haven’t finally placed them in the garden, but I think they will look fab!

My friend and I also really liked Sally Nencini’s knitted things. I bought some lovely knitted cushions and my friend fell in love with a pouffe which somebody else had reserved. The seller was getting a bit nervous about whether it would be picked up so on the off-chance we left my phone number there so we could be contacted should the sale fall through. Lo and behold, the next morning I got a text that we could pick it up if we wanted. Now the pouffe is waiting for our next trip back to Denmark so it can get reunited with its rightful owner. It’s always fun to have items with a story attached! Another thing my friend bought was a wool cushion made at the National Theatre’s costume department with some left-over dye from a play that my friend and I had seen together (one of the James’ plays, starring Sofie Graaboel). So a double-memory is attached to this cushion.


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