Tidying using the KonMari method

I’ve been reading ‘The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying up’ by Marie Kondo. I’m naturally quite tidy and take pleasure in organising and ordering my possessions. I am clearly not Marie’s target audience but had heard quite a few comments on it in blogland so thought I’d take a look for myself. Suffice to say that I did follow Marie’s advise to throw out the book if I didn’t feel that I’ll return to it. Amongst a number of reservations I had was her seeming support of the ‘buy and throw away’ culture where ‘good’ was measured in how many bags of possessions you threw away.

However, I did pick up 3 good tips that I’ve implemented or feel certain I will implement when the time is right:

  1. Put everything of a similar nature in a big pile and sort it once and for all. So, for instance, if you are tidying your shoes, don’t just tidy the ones in the hall, then in the cupboard etc but put them in a big pile and sort ALL shoes at the same time. This way you’ll realise exactly what you have and can decide to keep and store only what you truly need.
  2. Store your foldable garments vertically rather than horizontally. What a revelation! I can now see what I have and the clothes don’t appear to get creased any more than when stacked horizontally.
  3. Throw away paperwork that you don’t absolutely need to keep. For instance, once you have checked your bank statement, throw it away rather than filing and storing it. Absolutely, I’ve got files and files of documentation I never refer to, never will, so out some of it will go at my next tidying session.

My drawer now looks like this:




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