Weaving equipment

I’ve finally gotten a warping frame (warping board in America). This is the only piece of weaving equipment I’ve had to buy so far, everything I’ve got related to weaving so far has been free including my John Maxwell floor loom and all the equipment. Usually when you buy or get a loom secondhand all the peripheral equipment is included. Because I got my loom from an adult education centre where they didn’t have space for it (but were continuing teaching weaving) I didn’t get anything other than the loom (but I did get that for free which was amazing). Then my mother got me a whole stash of equipment (as well as a ton of yard, almost literally) from an adult education centre near her which was ceasing to teach weaving. But in all that there’s not been a warping board, so finally I went to buy one from the Handweavers Studio. And now I’ve put it together and can start weaving for real!Featured image


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