Ordering seeds


Image source Higgledy Garden.

Now Christmas is over I can hardly wait for the gardening season to start. I have a small London garden with a small greenhouse and an allotment. My seed-buying has mainly been for the allotment though Sarah Raven’s website has had some business from me for the house. I’ve particularly been ordering seeds for a cutting garden section of my allotment. This year I’ve found Chiltern Seeds and Higgledy Garden particularly useful. Both are new to me and had some unusual seeds that I was interested in. Particularly Higgledy Garden had a fabulous and inspiring website. I ordered lots of seeds to add to my cutting garden sections – I’ve had Dahlias, Chrystanthemums and marigolds for a couple of years and have cut bunch after bunch after bunch for the house so I now want to expand my cutting garden. I ordered Sweet William ‘Alba’, Rudbeckia ‘Marmelade’, Hesperis White, Fewerfew and Aster ‘Ostrich Plume’. All new to me, some of them biannuals, which I’ve not yet tried, so it will be an interesting experiment. I also got some Phacelia seeds included in the package, such a nice touch!


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