Lean in / Lean out

Last night I went to hear Dawn Foster talk about her new book Lean Out. It took place at the London Book Review bookshop in Bloomsbury. I love this part of London – it reminds me of my university days, spent just around the corner at UCL, but unfortunately I go all too infrequently. It has appeared as a bit cumbersome to get to from Herne Hill, but yesterday I realised that there is a bus from Holborn practically to my front door. So now I’ll be going a bit more frequently!

Anyway, the talk by Dawn Foster (which turned out to be a talk between Zoe Williams and Dawn Foster) was interesting. I have read Lean In, which Lean Out is a polemic response to, and thought that Sheryl Sandberg made some good points (though you could read the introduction as a synopsis and not have to read any further). In particular her point on how women deselect opportunities and challenges because they are preparing for the day in the future when they’ll have children is absolutely something I’ve observed in ‘real life’. Dawn and Zoe made some good points of criticism of Sheryl’s book, specifically that Sheryl Sandberg doesn’t rock the boat very much and doesn’t really offer any structural challenges to bring about change. However, in the conversation Zoe and Dawn weren’t providing any either. Nonetheless, I was sufficiently intrigued to buy the book so watch this space!

I was lucky enough to be invited to this event by my friend Olivia who is involved in the ‘Let Toys be Toys’ campaign which I learnt last night has just won the Brio price 2015. This is fantastic news and well deserved! I SO believe in the spirit of this campaign!

Source: Lean Out — Dawn Foster


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