The Magic of The Magic Schoolbus

71HZ-fXNyYL._SL1094_.jpgIn our family we’ve just recently discovered the cartoon ‘The Magic Schoolbus’. It’s an American-Canadian science cartoon for children and it has my two mesmerised, and learning, for hours. It is just fabulous – from the range of scientific subjects to the attitude of the teacher. The science topics we’ve enjoyed to date include several episodes about various functions of the body (the respiratory system, muscles, white blood cells) to what happens when salmon migrate and how to build a bridge. I think the series is from the late nineties and it is voiced by Lily Tomlinson in usual gravel-voiced style. I now find my 4 year old informing me about viruses and how the body fights them, in quite graphic detail but it is all true. Both children literally beg to watch more – learning about science used as a reward for good behaviour – it’s win-win in my book!


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