And that was that Half Term

We did not, much to the children’s initial disgust, go away this half term. But looking back, the entire family is happy with what we managed to do.

We were outside – we spent a day at Wisley, the RHS’ garden, which is just a great place to take children, we went to Brockwell Park Greenhouse Community Garden and did a workshop on Land Art (which was amazing, and just right for my 7-year old).

We did sport – the children did two days at Kinetic Sports Club at school and we went to the park to practice rollerblading and cycling and we went to the swimming pool at the lovely Camberwell Baths.

We did culture – we went to the cinema and saw Ghosthunters (the children loved it, the adults were bored) and to the theatre and saw I believe in Unicorns as part of the Southbank Childrens Festival.

And in between we managed some playdates, some tv time and lots and lots of drawing and creative time. All in all I think we can look back at a break well spent!


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