My Cookbook

I am in the company of Elizabeth David, Claudia Roden and many other famous cookery book writers. I started my own cookery book 15 years ago when when I lived in Brussels and suffered from duL homesickness both for the UK and for Denmark.  I am afraid mine is much more prosaic, but in these 15 years it’s grown steadily and it now amounts to 315 pages. I add to it every time we eat something we either say ‘let’s have that again’ or, better, where I find that I’ve returned to a cutting or a recipe again, usually within a short period, to cook it, again. Then I know it is a winner. It is amazing how quickly you forget to do something which during certain periods you do quite routinely – I had to look up exactly how it is I make yoghurt the other day, last summer I made it at least 10 times, but now I’d already forgotten again. I also use it to capture food cooked by my aunt or my mother, stuff that my grandmothers would have cooked for me as a child but at that time I was not sufficiently into cooking to ask for the recipe, I was just in the kitchen, helping, absorbing, enjoying.


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