Dinner: A Love Story reappraised

I’m re-reading Dinner: A Love Story at the moment. I found the blog a couple of years ago and bought the book the minute it came out (2012, apparently). I liked the book but somehow it didn’t really meet my needs or the needs of my family dinner quandrums at that time. Jacob was still quite little and not nearly as ‘good’ an eater as Karoline was at the same age and the challenges we had around the dinner time was not really answered by the book.

So I read it but never really cooked anything from it except the home made pizza dough (and the information that it could be frozen raw and then thawed, rolled out and baked paid for the book right there and then).

Until two days ago when I happened to take it down from the bookshelf and loaf through it looking for dinner inspiration. I hit upon the recipe for black bean and avocado salad and made it that night. It was fantastic! I’ve really gotten into Mexican food over the last 2 years and now this kind of thing slots right into my repertoire. Our dinner challenges are different and I can see loads and loads of recipes that I would like to cook.

Sometimes you have to come back to a cookbook to really appreciate it.

Have a look at a copy yourself if this has, ha ha, whetted your appetite.

Keeping aligned

Today I went to see my osteopath. In fact, I go nearly every month. Sometimes I’m well and just need some fine-tuning, sometime one of my sore points – back, neck, head – needs fixing. Lily does this so well and what I really like about her practice is that it is very holistic. She uses whatever approach or combination of approaches which may resolve the problem. So today, for my sore neck and shoulders she used needles, massage, manipulation and cranio. And more importantly, whatever she does always resolves the issue.

I’ve known her for years and years so in the beginning we chat and exchange news and updates on family and work but I always end up zoned out and totally relaxed.

Herne Hill High Line

I have just found out that there is an excellent project underway in my local community titled the “Herne Hill High Line” which is a project to install green roofs on about 30 local businesses and properties along the train line. What a fab idea! I think they’ve had planning permission (in 2014) but I have not yet seen any green rooftops, am hoping this will happen in 2015.

Source: the Urban Wild Project Website
Source: the Urban Wild Project Website

As the owner of two green roofs already (on our shed and on our play house) I’m totally behind the concept of green roofs. And it has rekindled my dream to put a sod roof on our summerhouse in Denmark, which is a Norwegian mountain hut and so would have been ‘born’ with a grass roof.


Mine, in no particular order:

  • Gardening – both at home and at our allotment
  • Cooking – easy, homemade food preferably fresh from the garden above
  • Crafting – sewing, knitting, weaving, crocheting, embroidering
  • Reading – though a lot, lot less since I had children and now mainly non-fiction on the topics above
  • Decorating – as in seasonally or organising

Some obviously more ‘of the moment’ than others and anyway my area of interest particular with craft tend to be focussed on older patterns and skills. I am for instance really interested in the Scandinavian weaving patterns, particularly the Norwegian and Swedish versions and really admire the tradition they’ve managed to maintain. More about this in another post. In another example, I actually love cross stitch embroidery but not the hip modern subversive type of cross stitch but the really old cross stitch samplers and scandinavian flower patterns from the 30s and 40s and 50s in Denmark created by Gerda Bengtsson, again more about this in another post.

Hello world!

This is indeed my very first post of my very first blog. I have followed many, many blogs for a number of years and love the media. Now it’s time for me to try it out myself. This blog will be used during the next year which I hope will be spent immersed in a happy domestic world. More about this soon.